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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

What is MFA?

MFA enhances account security by making it more difficult for wrongdoers to gain access to your account. With MFA you are required to provide two forms of validation when logging in to your account. Along with your normal password, you are required to also provide a second validation in the form of a code that is sent to your mobile phone in a text message or as a code generated by a special app you have running on your device.

Why is MFA important?

As we begin to utilize more and more online cloud-based tools and storage services, it becomes even more critical that we add additional layers of security when accessing our online resources. This is where MFA becomes an important tool for securing your online accounts and resources.

How To Setup Multi-Factor AuthenticationPDF


1) First, go through SECTION 1 of the provided document “How To Setup Multi-Factor Authentication”. This 5 step process will show you how to set up MFA for your account. (Remember to make a note of your App Password for future use.)

2) Now that you have MFA setup, our next step is to configure the applications that you will be using. Look below and if you utilize any of these applications, follow the instructions to configure them. Note: Some of this information can be found in SECTION 2 of the attached document.

a) If you use Outlook Web Access (OWA), or another words, if you check your email using the web @ , there is nothing else for you to do. You are ready to go.

b) If you use Microsoft Outlook desktop version, then you will need to configure MS Outlook to use your new app password. Since Office365 is in the cloud, I have seen it take up to 48 hours before MS Outlook desktop begins to require the new app password. Don’t worry, Outlook will continue to function normally until it is sync’d in the cloud. At that time, MS Outlook will give you a pop-up requesting you type in your new password. I feel the best plan would be wait until the next morning, reboot your machine, and when you open MS Outlook, it should require your new MFA app password

c) If you use Microsoft Sync for Business, it should require you put in your new app password immediately. All you need to do is logout, delete your sign-in information, and then log back in. (Reference the pics in SECTION 2 of the document to do this.)

d) If you access your email or skype from your MOBILE DEVICE, you will have to enter in the new app password for these apps. I have attached two documents on how to setup and access your email for the iOS and Android phone. Please reference these documents if needed.


If you are having problems getting Outlook to work after implementing MFA, you may need to reset the Microsoft office credentials on your computer.