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“ֱ̲ Safe” is the new app-based emergency notification system that provides instant notification capabilities during a crisis on campus.

As a member of the ֱ̲ community, you are registered with “ֱ̲ Safe” through your ֱ̲-issued email account. To best utilize this alert system, we need you to insure “ֱ̲ Safe” has your appropriate contact information.

To update your information, you can download the “ֱ̲ Safe” app from either the Google Play or Apple stores. No login is required, but for full functionality, you will be prompted to allow location and a few other standard settings on your local device.

If your contact information changes, simply return to the “ֱ̲ Safe” app to update your information.

ֱ̲ Employees, Students, and Visitorswill be able to update their contact information through the “ֱ̲ Safe” mobile app. When setting your profile in the app, please select your respective ֱ̲ engagement group which will help target the types of notices you may receive.

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Your information will only be used for contacting you in the event of an emergency or important campus notifications and will not be shared.

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